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Moving Forward – Not Back – in the Klamath Basin, February 5, 2016
This week, U.S. Senators Merkley and Wyden proposed a rider to the federal Energy bill that would turn back the clock on water conservation in the Upper Klamath Basin to 1956. Please let Congress know it’s time to move forward, not back, to solve the Klamath’s longstanding water woes.

Protect Our Rivers & Salmon From Suction Dredging, February 2, 2016
Write your State Senator and Representative today asking them to protect our rivers and fish by supporting SB 1530!

Help Protect the Molalla & Chetco Rivers!, August 10, 2015
These iconic rivers need your support to become Oregon’s latest additions to the state’s network of scenic waterways!

IMPORTANT: Make Your Voice Heard for Oregon’s Rivers & Fish by Tomorrow Morning!, May 12, 2015
Please ask our leaders in Salem to protect our rivers and fish by supporting Senate Bill 247! If SB 247 does not pass, ODFW is slated to cut the Water Program and a number of Assistant District Biologists statewide. These positions are absolutely critical to the protection and restoration of Oregon’s rivers and streams.

Say “No” to Fish-Blocking Dams in the Malheur!, April 22, 2015
Please ask your state Representative in Salem to vote “No” on HB 3217! This bill purports to be about beaver dam restoration, but would allow permanent dams on streams historically used by native fish while exempting these structures from current law which ensures that fish can move safely past dams to reach important habitat.

Let Our Legislators Know You Support Funding for Rivers!, April 13, 2015
Oregon’s rivers, fish, and wildlife need your support at upcoming public hearings! The Oregon Legislature’s Joint Ways and Means Committee is putting on hearings across Oregon this April to gather input from citizens on priorities for the 2015 through 2017 budget.

Speak Up for ODFW Programs Protecting Our Rivers!, April 1, 2015
The Oregon legislature is currently conducting hearings on Senate Bill 5511, which will set funding for ODFW’s budget for the next two years. There is much at stake in these hearings! The Joint Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Natural Resources is now taking public comment, and Oregon’s rivers, fish, and wildlife need you to chime in!

Protect Wildlife and the Klamath Refuges!, September 17, 2014
For the third year in a row, thousands of birds are dying in the Klamath Basin for lack of water. Please ask Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to deliver emergency water this year to Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge as peak fall waterfowl migration approaches, and use the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s senior water rights for refuge wildlife and habitat purposes, not for commercial agricultural crops.

Protect the Oregon Spotted Frog – and protect Oregon’s rivers!, July 11, 2014
The Oregon Spotted Frog – the most aquatic native frog species in the Pacific Northwest – is in trouble. Frog populations have declined dramatically due to the loss of stream and wetland habitat, dams, water diversions, and poor water quality.

Stop a Threat to the North Fork Smith River!, July 2, 2014
The Oregon Water Resources Department is accepting public comment until July 8th on a limited license application to use surface water for exploratory drilling in the North Fork Smith River watershed with the intent of operating a strip mine. Your voice is needed!

Stop the Rogue River Water Grab! June 20, 2014
Hellgate Jet Boats is demanding that they receive the benefit of Rogue River flows reserved by law for fish survival. If they succeed, it could devastate the Rogue’s prized salmon runs. Please tell Congress and the Army Corps of Engineers that you oppose this Rogue River water grab!

Speak Up for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Programs Protecting Oregon’s Rivers! May 14, 2014
ODFW is currently in the process of developing its next budget request. As part of that process, they have scheduled public townhall meetings across the state. If you care about Oregon’s rivers, this is an important opportunity to weigh in support of ODFW programs that protect our state’s waters.

Rogue River Salmon and Steelhead Need Your Help – One More Time! May 8, 2014
There is one more important grant needed this spring to ensure that the Fielder and Wimer dams on Evans Creek come out by 2015! Please ask the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Fish Restoration and Enhancement Program Board to support WaterWatch’s application for funding this important project.

One Step Closer to Removing Two of Oregon’s Top Fish Barriers – Thanks to You! April 30, 2014
Last month, we asked you to contact the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board to support WaterWatch’s Fielder and Wimer dam removals project on Evans Creek, an important spawning tributary of the Rogue River. We got an overwhelming response – demonstrating just how much Oregonians cherish the Rogue Basin’s famed salmon and steelhead runs.

Stop the Bull Run Takeover! April 8, 2014
In May, Portland voters will vote on an initiative that would strip the Water Bureau from the City of Portland and create a new water board. WaterWatch strongly opposes this initiative and recommends a “no” vote on Measure 26-156.

Let’s Remove Two of Oregon’s Top Fish Barriers! March 28, 2014
Please ask the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board to support WaterWatch’s Fielder and Wimer dam removals project on Evans Creek, an important spawning tributary of the Rogue River.

Tell Our Senators: Don’t Let Our Rivers Run Dry! March 24, 2014
Please contact Oregon’s U.S. Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley today and ask them to oppose S. 1630, the “Water Rights Protection Act.” This bill would have serious implications for water management across the country and undermine efforts to improve the health of the nation’s rivers and public lands, including National Parks, National Forests, and National Wildlife Refuges.

Help the Upper Deschutes River! October 25, 2013
This October, extremely low flows in the Upper Deschutes River resulted in a major fish kill, with over 3,000 fish confirmed dead. Unfortunately, the dewatering of the Upper Deschutes is not unique. Draining a river dry can be legal under Oregon water law. Please help us secure the reforms necessary to prevent more fish kills like this.

Support positive change on the Columbia River! October 21, 2013
Please take a few minutes to support hard-won improvements proposed for the next Columbia River Treaty!

Help Safeguard the Columbia River’s Future! August 6, 2013
The United States and Canada are now re-negotiating the Columbia River Treaty for the next 50 years, and your voice can make a difference for the future of the Columbia Basin!

Tell our Senators: Klamath Wildlife Need Water Now! June 18, 2013
Please act now to help the Klamath Basin’s National Wildlife Refuges and restore balance in the Klamath Basin!

Support Fair Fees for Critical Water Right Management! April 16, 2013
Please take a moment to let the Oregon State Senate’s Committee on Environment and Natural Resources know that you support SB 217!

Please Stand Up for Oregon Rivers! April 12, 2013
Please join us in attending a hearing on important legislation at the Capitol Building in Salem!

Be part of Oregon’s Clean, Green Lobby Machine March 18, 2013
Please join us in Salem to take part in the annual Oregon League of Conservation Voters Lobby Day!

Speak Up This Week to Protect the Crooked River! February 19, 2013
Please mark your calendars and make sure to attend one of Representative Greg Walden’s Town Halls this week!

Our 2013 Legislative Priorities February 11, 2013
Learn about our top legislative priorities this year, and show your support for these key initives to better protect Oregon’s rivers and streams!

Help Protect some of Oregon’s Most Beloved Rivers! January 25, 2013
Send a message to your state Senator letting them know that you support SB 401, a bill expanding State Scenic Waterway protections to some of Oregon’s most iconic rivers and streams!

Attend a Town Hall in January to Help Restore the Crooked River! January 9, 2013
Please mark your calendars and make sure to attend one of Senator Ron Wyden’s Town Halls and speak up for the Crooked River!

Save Wildlife at the Klamath Refuges! Sept. 21, 2012
Act now to bring much needed water to prevent parched Lower Klamath and Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge marshes during the critical fall migration.

Thanks for shaping Oregon’s water future! Sept. 18, 2012
Your comments made a difference and ensured that rivers and streams will get a fair shake in Oregon’s water future!

Protect and Restore the Crooked River! Sept. 13, 2012
Support groundbreaking legislation to help save the Crooked River, its prized redband trout, and its newly reintroduced steelhead!

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