Action Alert to Protect Columbia River salmon – 2007

Action Alert to Protect Columbia River salmon – 2007

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An Urgent Call to Action!
We need your help today to protect Columbia River salmon!

We need your support to defeat HB 3525 (Oasis), a bill that would circumvent existing fishery protection rules for the Columbia River to allow the permanent withdrawal of 500,000 acre feet of water annually.  The legislative session is in its last few scheduled weeks and this bad bill is moving at a frenzied pace but, with your help, we can still keep this terrible law from passing.  Any hearing can be called with only one hour notice so it is imperative that you let your voice be heard TODAY!

What this bill does:
·directs the Water Resources Department to grant water rights from the Columbia River to the tune of 500,000 acre feet to a select group of users who otherwise would not be able to get these water rights under Oregon law
·circumvents the state’s sensitive stock that were created to protect threatened, endangered and sensitive fish
·circumvents the state’s water allocation policies that were created to protect other water users
·exempts this small group of users from any future fees for water (no other water right holder in this state enjoys such an exemption).
·ignores the significant economic interests and benefits of a healthy Columbia River fishery

Who this bill affects:
·People who care about imperiled Columbia River Salmon
·Commercial fishermen whose livelihoods depend on the Columbia River fishery
·Recreational fishermen who fish on the Columbia and its tributaries
·Tribal members whose historic rights and culture associated with the Columbia River fishery will be put at risk

Thank you for taking action to help protect the Columbia and its fish.

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