RiverAction Alert: Help Prevent Columbia Water Grab – 2/2009

RiverAction Alert: Help Prevent Columbia Water Grab – 2/2009

Help Protect the Columbia River by Opposing HB 2406!

Prevent This Session’s Columbia River Water Grab – “Son of Oasis”

What: HB 2406, a bill that would allow excessive new water diversions from the Columbia River, is having a hearing at the Oregon legislature.

When & Where: Tuesday, February 17th at 3 pm in the Oregon House Committee on the Environment and Water, in HR D, Salem.

More on HB 2406: The bill directs the Water Resources Department to issue large, new water rights (132,000 acre feet) from the Columbia River during times when state and federal fisheries agencies have found that there is not sufficient water for fish.  This bill would undermine existing fish protection rules that prohibit new diversions from the Columbia from April 15 through September 30.  A similar effort, dubbed “Oasis”, failed in the 2007 session.

What is needed:

Use the talking points below to:

HB 2406 Talking points:

  • Please oppose HB 2406 because it will circumvent existing fishery protection rules, including the state’s “bucket for bucket” mitigation policy on new Columbia River withdrawals
  • Please oppose HB 2406 because it undermines the collaborative efforts of a coalition of Umatilla Basin water users to appropriate available winter water from the Columbia River for the Umatilla Basin Aquifer Recovery Project
  • Please oppose HB 2406 because it ignores the significant economic interests and benefits of healthy rivers and undermines recovery efforts for imperiled Columbia River fish

For more information, contact the following WaterWatch staff:

Kimberley Priestley, Senior Policy Analyst, 503.295.4039 x3

John DeVoe, Executive Director, 503.295.4039 x1


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