Can your employer help the environment?

Can your employer help the environment?

In the 1990s, a series of surveys and workshops asked Oregonians how they viewed our state’s future. They resoundingly called for clean air and water, open space, parklands, natural areas, and places for fish and wildlife.

Each year since 1989, EarthShare Oregon (ESOR) helps Oregonians to support environmental and conservation groups that work to keep people healthy, preserve places for wildlife and reduce global warming. WaterWatch of Oregon’s membership in EarthShare enables us to reach out to a broad cross–section of the state that might not otherwise learn about our work. This boosts our financial support and helps us build bridges based on understanding the challenges and successes of environmental work.

Last year, funds raised through EarthShare enabled WaterWatch to protect and restore natural streamflows in rivers across the state of Oregon.

Here’s how it works:  EarthShare coordinates with private and public employers to offer a payroll deduction option for employees to either give to all 80 EarthShare Oregon member groups or to designate a gift for one (or a few select) members.

The key to success for ESOR members is participation – increasing the number of employers who offer this opportunity to their employees.  This is where you can help.

First, find out if your workplace allows employees to donate to EarthShare Oregon.  If you aren’t sure, check the list of EarthShare’s Business Partners at

Next, if you don’t have an EarthShare campaign, ask your company president or other top leaders if they would consider starting one.  Jan Wilson, EarthShare Oregon’s Executive Director, can help you approach your company’s leaders and provide materials for them to review. If you are a business owner or top decisionmaker, it makes adding an EarthShare campaign much easier!

To learn more about bringing EarthShare to your workplace, call Meghan Humphreys at 503.223.9015 or email her.

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