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Victory for North Fork Smith River, December 7, 2017
Today, WaterWatch of Oregon and American Whitewater applauded the Oregon Water Resources Commission’s decision to reserve the surface waters of the North Fork Smith for the support of instream fish and wildlife, recreation, livestock, and domestic human consumption. The Commission also limited groundwater development in the subbasin. This decision protects fish, wildlife, recreation, and water quality and is a major win for one of the most spectacular, remote, and unique rivers in southern Oregon.

Oregon Court of Appeals Upholds Order Against McKenzie River Water Speculators, November 15, 2017
The Oregon Court of Appeals has upheld a final order denying the Willamette Water Company’s controversial application for a permit to withdraw 34 cubic feet per second (22 million gallons per day) from the McKenzie River.

Judge Denies Irrigators Special Treatment, Millions in Drought Payments, October 2, 2017
Judge Marian Blank Horn of the U.S. Court of Claims has ruled against agribusiness interests within the federal Klamath Irrigation Project that had been demanding some $30 million in compensation for reduced irrigation water deliveries during an extreme drought that struck the Klamath River Basin in 2001.

The Columbia River Basin Holds Immense Natural Capital Value, July 6, 2017
A new report shows that the Columbia River Basin’s natural capital provides $198 billion in value annually, in food, water, flood risk reduction, recreation, habitat, aesthetic and other benefits.

Water Bill Passes a Milestone, April 12, 2017
The Oregon House Committee on Energy and Environment has voted to move HB 2705 out of committee, a bill requiring water right holders to measure water use. It is aimed at improving the state’s ability to sustainably manage Oregon’s limited water resources.

Klamath Advocates Go To Court Over Wildlife Mismanagement
, January 18, 2017
WaterWatch and our conservation allies have filed litigation in federal court against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for failure to follow federal law in the creation of the Comprehensive Conservation Plan for the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

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