Our Programs

WaterWatch works in the legislature, the courts, with state and federal agencies and in the media for sound water policies and to protect natural streamflows in Oregon’s rivers.

Learn more about WaterWatch’s current Programs:

  • Restoring the Klamath Basin. To restore the Everglades of the West, WaterWatch advocates to bring the demand for water back into balance with what nature can provide for the fish, wildlife and people who depend on the Klamath’s aquatic resources.
  • Free the Rogue River. In the Rogue Basin, WaterWatch worked to free the lower 153 miles of the Rogue by removing fish passage barriers like Savage Rapids Dam and Gold Hill Dam while also restoring streamflows on the Rogue and its tributaries. 
  • Protecting the Deschutes River. In the Deschutes, WaterWatch works to ensure that the  world-class rivers and streams of the basin (and their inhabitants) are protected from the impacts of surface and groundwater development. 
  • Defending Oregon Rivers from the Impacts of Growth and Climate Change. WaterWatch works to minimize the impacts of growth and climate change on Oregon’s rivers by promoting water conservation, improving water management and ground-truthing claims used to support new water storage projects and increased water use.
  • Watch-Dogging Oregon’s Water. WaterWatch is the only group that monitors water allocation proposals, agency decisions and actual water use across Oregon. Our goals are legal compliance, agency accountability and to ensure that rivers and the public have a voice in decisions affecting our rivers, streams and aquifers.
  • Advocating for Reform at the State Capitol. In Salem, WaterWatch advocates before the legislature, relevant agencies and commissions and the governor for healthy rivers and to reform the antiquated laws and policies that degrade our waterways.

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