Government Watch-Dogging

Government Watch-Dogging

The Oregon Water Resources Department. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

Main offices of the Oregon Water Resources Department in Salem. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

WaterWatch monitors all of the individual water allocation decisions across Oregon for compliance with the law and potential negative effects on our rivers. Our work includes:

  • Monitoring and challenging, where necessary, water allocation decisions that undermine existing laws and policies, would create poor precedents, or degrade sensitive waterways
  • Tracking the actions of the Oregon Water Resources Commission and the Oregon Water Resources Department to ensure legal compliance and agency accountability
  • Working to ensure that the state agencies that allocate and manage water carry out the streamflow protection and resource stewardship aspects of their missions

Ongoing Work

Rescuing Lake Abert

WaterWatch is working with allies to reduce threats to Lake Abert – a stunning alkali lake and haven for birds and other wildlife in southeast Oregon – which has declined greatly due to reduced freshwater inflows. Oregon Field Guide spoke with our staff attorney Lisa Brown about this important issue for their March 19, 2015 episode.

Take Action!

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