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Help Secure Emergency Water for Klamath Wildlife, September 30, 2016
As millions of migrating birds bear down on the Klamath Basin this fall, the wetlands of Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge sit mostly dry potentially setting the stage for catastrophic waterfowl disease outbreaks. Please ask Interior Secretary Jewell to ensure the immediate delivery of emergency water, before the peak of fall migration.

Let’s Protect the North Fork of the Smith River!, September 21, 2016
We have an opportunity to protect the North Fork of the Smith River and its tributaries in Oregon, and you can help!

Stop the Drain on Oregon’s Groundwater, August 31, 2016
Please read The Oregonian’s landmark special report on the state’s groundwater crisis here, then join us in asking state water managers, our Governor, and our state legislature to take action now on key measures to help solve this problem.

You have a Right to Be Heard on the Klamath Refuges, July 14, 2016
Let federal managers know that our whole region, not just one city, should have a say in long term planning for the internationally important wetlands of the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges.

The Klamath Basin Refuges Need Your Help!, June 8, 2016
Over the next several weeks, you have the opportunity to make a difference for some of the Klamath Basin’s last remaining wetlands, which provide a crucial stopover for three-quarters of the migratory waterfowl of the Pacific Flyway.

Urgent: Stop a Major Threat to Oregon’s Rivers and Fish, February 25, 2016
Please help stop a major threat to Oregon’s salmon and steelhead runs that is being rushed through the state legislature. Senate Bill 1584 would rollback crucial fish protection and water conservation planning standards.

Moving Forward – Not Back – in the Klamath Basin, February 5, 2016
U.S. Senators Merkley and Wyden have proposed a rider to the federal Energy bill that would turn back the clock on water conservation in the Upper Klamath Basin to 1956. Please let Congress know it’s time to move forward, not back, to solve the Klamath’s longstanding water woes.

Protect Our Rivers & Salmon From Suction Dredging, February 2, 2016
Write your State Senator and Representative today asking them to protect our rivers and fish by supporting SB 1530!

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