Without WaterWatch, many of Oregon's rivers and streams would simply run dry. During key dry months in almost every river basin in the state, there are too many water rights and not enough water to go around. Even in the 21st century, it can be legal in Oregon to drain our rivers until they are bone dry.

That's what WaterWatch works to prevent. For over 38 years, WaterWatch has protected and restored water to Oregon's rivers, streams, and lakes for fish, wildlife, and people. Our work isn't glamorous. It can be difficult. We keep regulators accountable. We speak for the public interest. We pass balanced water legislation and, when necessary, we go to court. Our goal is to ensure a legacy of healthy rivers in Oregon.

There are many interests working to take more and more water from Oregon's streams and rivers. Join us and help ensure there is enough water in our rivers for fish, wildlife, and the people who depend on healthy rivers. Our quality of life depends on it.

Rivers need water