Gift Matching

Want to multiply your impact - for free?

Many employers have programs to match charitable gifts to qualifying non-profits (if yours doesn't, ask them to start one!). Some are dollar-for-dollar, others are percentages of your gift, all help to protect and restore Oregon's rivers!

If your employer already has a gift matching program in place, ask around to find out how to take advantage of it!

Do you Participate in Other Workplace Giving Programs?

WaterWatch is proud to be listed as a qualifying non-profit in the following online programs:


GlobalGiving vetted Organization 2016


Do you have EarthShare Oregon workplace giving at your workplace?

WaterWatch is proud to be one of the founding member organizations of EarthShare Oregon! Can your employer help the environment?

EarthShare has worked with many Oregon emplyers to establish a payroll deduction program that enables employees to make charitable donations either to EarthShare member organizations equally or designate their gift to one or more EarthShare members.

Please consider donating through your workplace giving campaign

If you aren't sure your company participates, you can check the list of EarthShare's Business Partners at www.earthshareoregon.org