Stocks & Bonds, Mutual Funds & Wire Transfers

A gift by year end could be the best way to maximize tax savings and meet your annual charitable giving goals

Many supporters prefer to give appreciated securities directly to WaterWatch rather tham sell them and donate their proceeds, as this may allow for certain tax benefits and can help diversify your assets. If you own securities that have lost value, you may be able to sell the stock, take the capital loss deduction, and make it a gift to WaterWatch.

OR, if your securities have appreciated in value – that is, they are worth more now than at the time of purchase – they may be donated to WaterWatch and you may be able to take a deduction for the full fair market value of the securities. Plus, capital gains taxes no longer apply when the security is donated rather than sold – a win-win all around!

Whether your stocks are held by yourself or are kept with a bank/broker-dealer, it is important that you notify WaterWatch in advance of making a gift of securities. This will help to ensure that proper crediting and timely acknowledgement take place. 


Stocks & Bonds or Mutual Funds

If you would like to make a gift of stocks, bonds, and/or mutual funds, please have the funds transferred directly from your account to WaterWatch’s. Contact Neil Brandt, Development Director, for account information. 

Wire Transfers

Wire your gift from anywhere in the world – and in any currency – directly to WaterWatch. Your bank of choice should be able to complete this for you. 

Before you give, please email or call Neil Brandt ( – 503.295.4039 x0) to inform WaterWatch of the impending transfer and ensure that it is properly credited.

NOTE: Please consult your tax advisor for the specific tax treatment in your situation for any gift.