2017 Oregon Legislative Round Up

2017 Oregon Legislative Roundup The 2017 legislative session ended in early July. It was busy, with 2,829 bills introduced and over 800 passed. Thanks to the help of WaterWatch members we were able to protect funding for critical agency programs, highlight long-term water management reform, defeat a number of misguided water policy bills, and finally pass suction dredge mining reform. …

Winter 2017 Newsletter

WaterWatch finished the year strong! Check out our latest accomplishments in our newsletter Click here to read newsletter!


Thanks to our supporters, WaterWatch had an outstanding 2017! Click here to see some of this year’s accomplishments, as well as projects going in to 2018.  

Fall 17 Newsletter!

Stream of Consciousness: Demanding Environmental Justice in Water Policy; Help Shape the Fate of the Deschutes Basin for the Next Generation; Groundwater Management Reform Still Lacking Despite Ongoing Harm; Water Briefs from Around the State Click here for More!

Summer 17 Newsletter!

Stream of Consciousness: The Wet and the Dry; WaterWatch in the Community; Public Funds Advance Private Grab on Klamath Refuge Waters; 2017 Oregon Legislative Roundup; Suction Dredge Mining Reform; Water Briefs from Around the State; WaterWatch Welcomes Read more here!

2016 Oregon Legislative Roundup

2016 Oregon Legislative Roundup The short session of the 2016 Oregon State Legislature was not for the faint of heart. With over 250 bills to consider, and Republicans’ dramatic stalling tactics causing disarray, the session quickly became tense – and stayed that way. The results for rivers were mixed. A handful of non- controversial bills and budget adjustments which benefitted …

2015 Legislative Roundup

2015 Legislative Roundup With the help of WaterWatch members, the 2015 legislative session ended with critical agency funding intact, the defeat of a slew of bad water bills, and the elevation of a number of important policy issues. We could not have done it without you! Your voices were critical to our success this year. Some of our wins from …

2014 Oregon Legislature Short Session Ends With a Whimper

2014 Oregon Legislature Short Session Ends With a Whimper The Oregon Legislature’s 2014 short session, limited to 35 days, proved once again that politicians should not attempt large-scale policy changes within short time windows. With over three hundred bills to consider and move out of the original chamber of origin within two weeks, the initial pace was nothing short of …

2013 Oregon Legislature Roundup

2013 Oregon Legislature Roundup Water issues were front and center during Oregon’s 2013 legislative session, and WaterWatch was there promoting sound policies and defending against efforts to undermine protections for our rivers and streams. Here’s a summary of how our top legislative priorities fared in 2013: Water Resources Department Budget In what could been viewed as one of the biggest …