Make WaterWatch a Part of Your Giving Tuesday Investment

The holiday season has arrived, and with Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror we wanted to share a reminder that Giving Tuesday is coming up this Tuesday, Nov. 28th.

When making your choices for giving this Tuesday, remember that Oregon continues to face powerful moneyed and political interests that will dam and drain our rivers, whittle away our waterways, denude our lakes and watersheds, and undo the progress we’ve made in Oregon since the passage of the Instream Water Rights Act in 1987 — but only if we allow them to do so.

One of most effective bulwarks against this dire future is strengthening WaterWatch’s ongoing legal work and policy advocacy by making a contribution that counts this Giving Tuesday.

Can we count on you?

You’ll soon receive our WaterWatch list of accomplishments for 2023. When it comes to preventing the depletion of groundwater, stopping new dams from being built, removing old dams that have long outlived their usefulness, protecting native fish and preserving instream water rights, no one has a more persistent record of advocacy and success than WaterWatch of Oregon. In all corners of the state, we punch way above our weight.

Your contribution enables our staff of legal and policy experts to continue our work preserving a legacy of healthy rivers, lakes, and wetlands with enough water to support fish, wildlife, communities, and Oregon’s incredible quality of life.

We’ll send another appeal in a day or two, but we’re asking you to keep WaterWatch of Oregon in mind this Giving Tuesday, and beyond. Thank you for your ongoing support!

P.S. — Check out the fall 2023 issue of our Instream newsletter and our new e-mail digest Currents, and share them with friends and family who share your passion and concern for Oregon’s waterways this holiday season.