Recording of Summer Webinar Series #4: Dave Hughes, master fly fisherman

A recording of WaterWatch of Oregon’s Summer Webinar #4 on August 19th, 2020.

Join us to learn from a true master of fly fishing. Dave Hughes will present ten practical tips on how to pursue, think like and catch more trout. Dave’s presentation will include great stories highlighting incidents where applying one of these ten tips made the difference out on the water. Anglers of all skill levels will enjoy and benefit from Dave’s tips, which span the spectrum from basic tips for trout fishing to nuanced understanding of rivers, insects, fish and anglers that can only be gained through a lifetime of practice, study and writing on trout fishing. Like an unwieldy fishing vest that gets winnowed down over the years to a single box of magic flies, this presentation reveals many of the basic truths about effectively pursuing trout, truths that reflect a lifetime of patient practice, observation and reflection.