Earth Day Greetings from Our Executive Director

By Neil Brandt  |  April 22, 2024  |  WaterWatch of Oregon

Dear Friends,

From all of us WaterWatch of Oregon, I’d like to wish you a Happy Earth Day!

On this Earth Day, I would like to extend our gratitude to the Earth and all the ways it supports and sustains life. Here in Oregon, we are so fortunate to have a plethora of diverse ecosystems.  From our old-growth forests to the Alvord Desert, from to the Klamath Refuges to Cape Perpetua — Oregon’s landscapes are widely varied, biodiverse, and above all, worth protecting. And one thing almost all corners of the state have in common is an abundance of iconic rivers that are home to fish and wildlife and are cherished by many.

Join me in thanking the Earth by taking some time outside today to enjoy and appreciate your favorite local river. Our mighty rivers provide world-class recreation opportunities like fly fishing, swimming, whitewater rafting, canoeing and kayaking, to quiet campsites and winding trails alongside of them. Oregon’s waters belong the public — and we must ensure these awe-inspiring rivers always remain available to be accessed and appreciated by Oregonians. Just remember to always practice Leave No Trace principles when you’re on your spring and summer adventures.

On this Earth Day, we also can’t forget that the year 2023 was the Earth’s hottest year by a significant margin, and the 10 warmest years on record since 1850 have all occurred in the past decade. The impacts of climate change are already affecting the world we live in, along with the magnificent river environments we love. If we want future generations to enjoy healthy, free-flowing rivers, we must work now to increase climate resiliency and adaptability in Oregon’s freshwater and aquatic ecosystems.

Today, give your thanks to the Earth and all it provides by getting outside and recreating responsibly. When you come back from fishing, swimming, rafting, hiking, or however you enjoy recreating in the company of our rivers, take a moment to support WaterWatch. Our work to protect and restore Oregon’s rivers is more critical than ever, and our team is dedicated to providing a voice to our beloved rivers. Your support makes our advocacy possible.

Thank you for considering a special Earth Day gift to WaterWatch for healthy Oregon rivers into the future.

For rivers,


P.S.  —  As part of our Earth Day greeting, we’d like to share some of our outdoor memories with you. Our administrative assistant and in-house graphic designer Monet Hampson compiled this special Earth Day video of our WaterWatch staff and board members enjoying the outdoors. We hope you enjoy it.